Privacy Policy and Legal

It is now required by law, that you are aware and understand that the personal information we recieve upon admission, as a permanent or respite resident the Manager and/or Personal Care Coordinator of Bignold Park SRS can disclose this information to appropriate/authorised person/departments associated with Bignold Park SRS, these may include the Department of Human Services and the Community Visitors .

This may consist of some or all the information given to Bignold Park SRS upon entering this facility. It may include Medicare, private health fund membership number or DVA number. It also may include personal medication requirements, any form of health issues and other needs. Information may be required to be disclosed to appropriate Government or private organisations to be used when arranging outside or other activities/appointments or medical emergency.

The Personal Care Coordinators of Bignold Park SRS will use their discretion when giving out a resident’s personal information and they will inform the resident of information given and to whom and for what reason.

You are required to read, understand & sign a Privacy Statement upon entering Bignold Park.

Financial and Legal Management

  • Permanent incoming residents to Bignold Park are NOT required to pay ingoing fees or bonds.
  • Weekly Fees will be negotiated with individual residents at the time of entry.
  • Payment is required for one month in advance.
  • The weekly fee charges are to be paid monthly in advance and due on the 1st of each calendar month. An adjustment will be made on the first monthly payment to bring the account into order.
  • Residents of Bignold Park are encouraged to remain independent in all aspects of their lives including money management.
  • The accommodation is provided in accordance with this agreement signed at the time of taking up residency at Bignold Park.
  • Four weeks notice of resident’s intention to vacate is required.
  • A two week payment will be required in the case of the death of a resident. This payment is to be made by the next of kin, guardian or administrator.
  • Rates will be reviewed on a six monthly basis and residents will be informed of any impending fee increase at least two weeks before implementation.
  • Rates will be subject to increase dependent on increased levels of care, the CPI or other factors.
  • Temporary leave may be taken in the case of hospitalisation and full fees are to be paid during this time in order to retain the room.
  • Where a resident requires emergency hospitalisation they will be required to pay the weekly fee until full notice is given (Refer to point 8 above).
  • If any resident breaks or damages any property or article belonging to Bignold Park,it will be expected that the resident will make good the cost of such damages. Includes cleaning of carpets..
  • Bignold Park accepts no responsibility for money or valuables kept in any room or stowed on the property. Personal Property Insurance is the individual’s responsibility.
  • It is recommended that residents have a liability extension under their personal contents insurance to protect themselves against any negligent or accidental act.
  • All lost or found articles should be immediately reported to management.

Management/Residents Consultations or Disputes

Residents have the right to approach Peter Lesuey or the Personal Care Coordinator with any concerns or grievances they may have. We appreciate the resident’s or family's input and will do our best to resolve any grievances. Confidentiality is assured at all times.

Information about outside monitoring agencies is available, such as the Community Visitor’s Program who advocate on behalf of the residents. Telephone number is displayed on Dining Room notice board.

A copy of the Health Services Act 1988 and the Health Services (Residential Care) Regulation 2004 are available in the office for your information.

  • Consultations between residents and management are encouraged on a regular basis.
  • Concerns will be dealt with promptly, confidentially, and without fear of reprisal.
  • Residents’ concerns and opinions are important to management and should always be openly discussed with the manager in the first instance.

General House Rules

  • A resident may not keep any alcohol on the premises except under the control of the supervisor and may not consume any alcohol on the premises except with the permission and at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Gambling other than Bingo and TAB betting shall not be permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Notification of any intended planned absence off the premises is required and next of kin or proper accompaniment is advised.
  • A resident shall not use indecent or offensive language on the premises.
  • Please ensure all guests sign the Visitor’s Book at reception before taking the resident out.
  • We understand that all people living and working at Bignold Park will respect and adhere to each other’s entitlement to privacy and personal space.
  • Breaching a resident’s privacy and personal space without their consent will result in mediation with all parties concerned.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of a resident should mediation fail to reach an agreeable outcome regarding an individual’s privacy and personal space.

Should you require further assistance please contact Peter Lesuey - Proprietor on (03) 5463 5771.

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