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  • Privacy Statement - It is now required by law, that a signature is obtained from the incoming residents or legal represenatatives regarding personal infomration that can/cannot be given out when required.
  • Questionnaire - This questionnaire is to be completed so as to be able to identify the resident’s needs. A temporary service plan will be drawn up within 48 hours of entering this facility.
  • Application Form - Bignold Park application form for new residents.

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Community Visitors Program

This program was established as a volunteer program in Victoria in 1987. Under the control of the Office of the Public Advocate, an independent statutory office accountable to the Victorian Parliament. The role of the program is to ensure that standards of accommodation and care in residential facilities meet current community expectations. Click Here

Department of Veterans Affairs: Click Here

Department of Human Service

The Victorian government's Department of Human Services oversees the Regulatory requirements of Bignold Park.Click Here

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